'ultraviolet' / feline

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2013/16 [recorded 1999]


Feline was Grog and Drew's glamorous punk-pop band, formed in 1996, and signed to EMI in a flourish of champagne and coke and private jets. 

This second Feline album was unreleased. One song 'Unknown' was released as a single under the band name Ultraviolet and a mini album pressed but not released. The final four songs were recorded just before the decision was made to end Feline. We've recently unearthed and restored a video for 'Unknown' - check it out below. Ha! We look a bit different ...

It was another 13 years before we were able to reclaim the recordings and self-release the album. In 2016, the album was re-released on Strataville.

We're amazed at how good the recordings still sound - this cost a tiny fraction to produce compared to Feline's EMI debut. They were hungry years but good times for punks young enough to survive on cigarettes and coffee and cereal. We were faces in a burgeoning scene in Camden and we all broke a few hearts along the way - especially Al ! 




I was pretty bummed out by my bad luck when I wrote this but, ever the optimist when it comes down to it, this song celebrates the fact that I was still loving performing live and energised to move forward and rock like fuck.


I feel a bit like this song put a curse on us because of the line ‘we are the world’s best kept secret’. Struggle has always made us stronger but now I’ve had my fill. I no longer wish to be the world’s best kept secret and hereby break the curse.

Cold Inside

Life can throw such a confusing mess at us from an early age we’re often unable to see beyond it, we become numb and make seemingly cold insensitive decisions.

Memoirs of a psychopath

The path I was on seemed insane and I was feeling out of control. I felt like I had a lot of responsibility placed on me that also involved playing the part of the unhinged and hedonistic front person even when I didn’t really want to. I don’t think that was really true but I was in a dark place and my relationships suffered as a result.

Wish you were dead

The old classic ‘If I can’t have you no one else will’ refrain of many an obsessed admirer.  When you feel so passionately about someone love and hate become next door neighbours.

Making Hate

I still love this song. It’s about an ill-advised relationship where two broken hearted people take solace in each other.



People who have ultimate faith in something, or someone - love, religion. And believe that they are right and you are wrong.

How does that happen and do they not ever doubt or question?

Truth will out

The truth always comes out in the end, or will it?

We’ve met quite a few liars in the music business, whether they are suffering from mental illness or not remains to be seen but unfortunately they seem to be attracted to this line of work.

It’s just bizarre, sad and such a waste of time.

Or were they just #alternativefacts ?






Song for leaving. Leaving a place, a person, a state of mind so you can get a new angle and a new perspective.


This reminds me of drunken escapades in Camden Town. Yet another installment of my self-destruction years. Testing everyone and everything until they break. At least it’s a cool song!

I hope

When you just hope and pray someone understands how much you care for them.


Well this is an early impression of shallow internet flirting and attention seeking from the olden days. It didn’t get much better :)