'save your face' / feline





FELINE? Er, so, who the heck are Feline you ask? Well, that's us - let me explain.

If you're interested, over on Wikipedia you can read a blow-by-blow account of how FELINE came together.  The quick version, though, is that FELINE formed after the break-up of Grog's first band FLINCH (a band which from the get-go received huge press interest as one of the 'UK's most promising bands'.)

Drew, who had been FLINCH's manager, now started writing and playing guitar with Grog. They brought 2 other musicians on board, Ted Garcia on guitar and Steve Drew, and recorded some demos.

By June 1996, FELINE had signed a major worldwide deal with Chrysalis Records, a subsidiary of EMI, releasing SAVE YOUR FACE (re-released with extra songs a year later & re-named FELINE). Al Fletcher also came on board as the band's drummer in 1998.

FELINE then parted company with EMI, and began recording material for a second album produced by Drew. (It would be 13 years before these recordings saw the light of day when we released them as the album ULTRAVIOLET! First, via self-release on Bandcamp and then subsequently in 2016 on label Strataville.)

So, back to the story. We also changed our name to ULTRAVIOLET at this point and released a single and EP with this new moniker. But this line-up was short-lived. Feline/Ultraviolet disbanded and DIE SO FLUID was born.