the opposites of light


'The Opposites of Light'




This song is a plea to someone from my past to move on, to let go, to find peace and stop harassing me. When an ex partner uses every manipulative tactic and dark deed in the book to keep themselves on your radar it begins to feel like it will never end or may end only with that person murdering you.


The unbelievably good feeling of cruising on a motorcycle in the sunshine with the one you love around Hollywood and the hills signifying the start of a new freedom and inviting in new adventure.

Black Blizzard

Whilst learning about Hollywood and California history after relocating there I was inspired to write a song about the devastating Black Blizzard of the 1930’s, with man’s greed, ego and disrespect for nature at it’s peak I felt this the perfect warning story, a reminder that the forces of nature are far superior and the planet will still be here when man has succeeded in wiping himself out.


Anubis is an Egyptian god depicted as a man with a dog’s head, he attends the weighing scales at the gates of the afterlife where it is decided whether the soul may enter the realm of the dead. The song for me is about letting go of fear, fear of death, fear of failure and the need for real and authentic experiences without an attachment to an ideal outcome.


The magical draw of the sideshow, the illusion, the fortune teller, the entertainment industry. Even when we’ve seen what’s behind the curtain, the blood, sweat and tears, the sheer hard work, the tricks and scams, the delusion, we still want more and the innocent still manage to keep their dream alive.


You Suffocate We All Suffer

This is quite explicitly about whistle blowers, specifically Dr David Kelly who is named in the song. His silencing, during the Bush/Blair years, remains extremely suspicious and things got even worse for whistle blowers on Obama’s watch as he so bedazzled his public a lot of his misdeeds went unreported. Could you imagine Bush dropping an estimated 100,000 bombs worldwide during his Presidency and still winning a Nobel Peace Prize?

Crime Scene

Picture of a hypocritical sociopathic tyrant who feeds on drama and says anything to be the centre of attention and gain control.


Inspired by conspiracy theories, end of the world predictions and robot rebellion movies this song asks what we’ll do when it comes down to an alien take-over or a world uprising. Some are stocking up on weapons as we speak. Will love and human morals survive? Will you become a hero in real life? You decide…’It’s your scene’.

The World Opposite

A weird world of international time zone hopping, traversing seasons, the midnight sun and insomniac surreality.

Echo Of A Lie

An eerie ballad of stitched together haunting memories where I try to figure out what was real and what part I played in constructing a fantasy, and then realising I miss the fantasy and not the reality.

Violent Delights

This is a dark tale told in a medieval style of escaping the clutches of one so skilled in two-faced deception that the victim feels vampirically drained and utterly alone. It is up to her to gather every ounce of her strength to get away and become whole again.


Our heroine looks back to the point in her life where she traded freedom for love. Musically there are some country influences so the lyrics have some cowboy references which emphasize the free spirit that was lost. And of course birds are always a metaphor for freedom.

Dream Sequence

The irony of walking the seedy and blood stained streets around Hollywood Boulevard nowadays together with our knowledge of the highly competitive backstabbing rumour mills of the film and music industry,  compared with the dreamlike qualities of our beloved imagined Hollywood of the early days of the silver screen, with all the attached hopes and innocent aspirations that come with it.

Emerald green always seemed magical to me, my great aunt saw me in a green bathing suit once and sparked my imagination by exclaiming ’you must have an emerald green ball gown when you’re older!” The mention of ‘emeralds’ is my way of linking this young memory to the Emerald City in the Wizard Of Oz and it is also my birth stone.


I was reading all about Carlos Casteneda and his writings on shamanism and trappings of his strange story got woven into this song. Basically a song of love it is laced with shamanistic visions and references one of his colleagues ‘the Blue Scout’ whose skeleton was mysteriously found by hikers in Death Valley shortly after Casteneda himself passed away.

The Road To San Sebastian

Dealing with the depression of your lover. Wishing you could supplant some of your own happy memories in the consciousness of someone transfixed on the negative.


The end of the record but death is not the end in this song. Is the Earth one huge magnet that  traps the spirits of those who have passed like musical notes on a reel of tape?