one bullet from paradise

Our fifth studio album ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE will be released on 30th march 2018. huge thanks (& congratulations!) if you grabbed the exclusive 2 cd limited edition pre-order or other goodies on pledge music


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Tomorrow Doesn't Always Come



New single 'Tomorrow Doesn't Always Come' is out on 9th March (Strataville). Grog as you've never seen her before appears courtesy of our favourite graphic novelist Dan Schaffer!

Mr Drew encourages you all to seize the day...

“It’s been a tough couple of years with regards to friends checking out so to continue to take tomorrow for granted seems stupid. 

It’s not a misery anthem though nor a ploy to get some action before the end of the world. The first two and a half minutes are just there to set up the riff in the middle - BOOM! 

I also get to showcase the fruits of two weeks of Spanish lessons




Bittersweet, the first single from the album was released on 7 April 2017

And it's got ATTITUDE!

Grog and Mr Drew play all instruments on the single and artwork is by acclaimed graphic novelist and artist Dan Schaffer (Dogwitch, The Scribbler).

"Bittersweet is an alter ego who came to life as I wrote the song. 

Part-me, part-fictional, she embodies all the stuff I like about many of my favourite female tv, film and graphic novel characters.  

Bittersweet makes a statement about embracing yourself as you are, thorns’n’all.

She’s kick ass but not psycho, and she’s sexy, clever, fun and darkly deep.

She parties hard and rocks her talents hard


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Here's an early version of new album track 'WE WERE BORN TO KILL EACH OTHER'. The album version is slightly different but the vibe is definitely the same. Lyrically this was written as a scream of frustration about dumb humans who can’t fight their primal urges and instead fight each other.

Why is it that despite thousands of years of civilisation and culture we still can’t override our most primitive instincts? Every day we read reports of murder, depravity, atrocity & horror. 

Is it true, though sad, that we are just animals born to kill each other? 

It's also a visceral blast of rock to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Whether you're playing Call Of Duty or beating up your friends in a circle pit at a rock club TURN IT UP.