DIE SO FLUID were formed in 2000 - Grog (singer/bassist), Mr Drew (guitar) and Al (drummer) establishing their unique blend of metal, post-punk and grunge over four glorious albums.

The trio emerged from the ashes of the short-lived ULTRAVIOLET, who, strictly speaking, were the renamed FELINE. Signed to a major label, Feline had released two albums, the critically acclaimed SAVE YOUR FACE (re-released with extra songs a year later & re-named FELINE) and ULTRAVIOLET. 

Things changed forever in 2016 when Al died suddenly, leaving Grog and Mr Drew heartbroken.

Despite the dissolution of the three amigos, Grog and Mr Drew, with characteristic determination, continue as Die So Fluid. Their fifth album ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE is out now. They are joined by Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) on drums and artwork has been provided by acclaimed graphic novelist and artist Dan Schaffer (DogwitchThe Scribbler).



So, if you fancy delving into the minutiae of each album then you're in the right place.  We've managed to rustle up some thoughts on Die So Fluid's first album SPAWN OF DYSFUNCTION, released way back in 2004, and also a few words on our last album THE OPPOSITES OF LIGHT (2014). You can also check out the Feline album ULTRAVIOLET , which we re-released in 2017 - we reckon it's still pretty awesome!

Still to come, our brain dump for the middle bit - NOT EVERYBODY GETS A HAPPY ENDING (2008) and THE WORLD IS TOO BIG FOR ONE LIFETIME (2010). Stay tuned!

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