Creepy in California?

So, Mr Drew came to hang out with me in LA for Halloween!! 

He accidentally brought some English rain with him but soon enough the sun broke through the Hallowe'en mists of doom, and he got straight to dive bombing the pool and road tripping it up the Pacific Coast Highway.

[* btw, the soundtrack here is 'Born To Kill' - a taster from our upcoming album One Bullet from Paradise]

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Some days are still so painful missing our bro Al, and I loved having Drew around to reminisce and just spend time.

I screamed like a girl (yes, blood curdling and unleashing the demons of hell like only a girl can) at the US election results - OOPS!- I meant the LA Halloween Hayride when all the monsters and cleaver wielding ghouls seemed to enjoy picking on me, very chucklesome indeed (and slightly terrifying).

Oh and we gave away a song DEAD TWIN SISTER (sign-up up to our mailing list below and grab a free download). We're absolutely crazy about this artwork too, from the brilliant Dan Schaffer.


And we made a Spotify playlist to put everyone in the mood.

Did Mr Drew wanna go home? Nah...