'Skeleton Suit' video release


Happy Halloween everybody! To celebrate, we’ve made a brand new video for ‘Skeleton Suit - a song from our current album One Bullet From Paradise.

Dance, pogo, head-bang, play air-guitar or sing-along, it’s a groover from start to finish. Let the good times roll …

Lyrically the song is about taking the light from the dark.

“It's about people who confuse extreme sarcasm and negativity with being cool & mysterious, when it’s just unpleasant” says Grog.

“We’ve all been through some shit right? It takes strength to start being openly kind, decent and positive - it doesn’t mean you’re weak or cheesy.

The other part to this is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

So many people play mean and then you discover they perform secret acts of kindness all the time without telling people”.