RIP Al Fletcher, 25 July 2016

It is with deep sorrow we have to report the tragic news that our dear brother and band mate Al Fletcher passed away at 6pm BST yesterday, the 25th July.

Al Fletcher, Oct   14   1970 - July   25   2016

Al Fletcher, Oct 14 1970 - July 25 2016

Al contracted double pneumonia followed by sepsis in a rare reaction to an infection. This caused his immune system to wage a war on his body that he was unable to survive, despite the fight he put up and the best efforts of the doctors and nursing staff at Ealing Hospital. Kept sedated throughout this sudden and vicious affliction, we can only be grateful that he suffered no pain and passed peacefully.

Al’s passing leaves a gaping hole in all our lives as we struggle to come to terms with the fact he has gone.

No one plays the drums or can tell a joke quite like you Al, you will be missed so very much. You will live on in our hearts and in all the amazing music you made.

We love you.

Rest In Peace, Alastair Fletcher Oct 14 1970 - July 25 2016