Exclusive New Song!!!!

We've been in the studio writing, recording and experimenting for a while now, and we're pretty excited about how everything is sounding.

As a taster of things to come - and to celebrate the launch of our new site - here's a new song. Hope you like it and please don't forget to share, everywhere!

We Were Born To Kill Each Other is a visceral blast of rock to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Whether you're playing Call Of Duty or beating up your friends in a circle pit at a rock club - TURN IT UP.


Lyrically, We Were Born To Kill Each Other was written as a scream of frustration about dumb humans who can’t fight their primal urges and instead fight each other.

Why is it that despite thousands of years of civilisation and culture, we still can’t override our most primitive instincts?

Every day we read reports of murder, depravity, atrocities and horror - is it sad but true that, at our core, we are just animals who were born to kill each other?