Grog News

Hi everyone, Grog here.

Just wanted to let you know that in addition to all our exciting Die So Fluid news, I've also been busy on my own.

"cut me and music spills out "

Finding myself in an intensely inspired creative space, I've been writing & producing songs that have started to flow beyond the framework of our classic Die So Fluid rock-sound.  As such, and following a 'no-rules, no-limits' mantra - I'd love to share some of these more personal and experimental offerings with you as my solo project.

As we work towards the release of a new Die So Fluid album early next year, I'm excited to announce that, in the interim, I'll be releasing a series of solo songs over the next few months.

My debut release is a song called In Plain Sight. It's available from today, July 22nd, and you can buy or stream it from all the usual places.

'In Plain Sight' - Grog's debut solo single

'In Plain Sight' - Grog's debut solo single

Head over to my new website to hear the song, watch the video, discover the meaning behind the lyrics and much, much more...

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Let's open our minds and enjoy the ride.