Celebrating Halloween with a Spooksome SurpriSe!

We give you... DEAD TWIN SISTER

Dead Twin Sister - Happy Halloween Fright Fans!

The DEAD TWIN SISTER lyrics were inspired by a severe overindulgence in paranormal research documentaries and an obsession with strange true tales.

It’s a story of an intense parasitic friendship turned sour, like some demonic ‘single white female’ scenario.

It can also be interpreted as a dual personality, or the painful process of ridding oneself of one’s negative aspect.

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This All Hallow’s offering to you is also very special as it will be the last recording we release featuring our dearly missed Al on drums, RIP. He did a spectacular job on the track we think you’ll agree.

It was recorded at Unit 2 London, back in December 2014. Al was a big Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Shining and Wicker Man fan, so we feel he’s smiling with approval on the freaky fun. 

Our thanks to the talented Dan Schaffer who created the amazing artwork, check out his graphic novels DOGWITCH and Killdarlings! We’re so excited to be working with him and who knows what further mayhem we may cook up!!

Another thing to note about DEAD TWIN SISTER is that you can hear Drew singing on it. Yes, finally you can audition the ‘molasses smooth Jamaican tones’ of Mr D!

More of his foghorning to come on the forthcoming album ONE BULLET FROM PARADISE.

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DEAD TWIN SISTER streams on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., from Friday October 28, but you can stream it NOW on our Soundcloud channel. Just in time for those Halloween playlists.